Monday, December 13, 2010

Update from David

Sent: December 13, 2010 4:46:23 PM HST

Aloha to our Friends & Family, old and new,

Now that these updates of Theresa's healing journey will also appear on the blog at I will be whittling down the mailing list.  So if the e-mail updates have stopped after today and you are still interested in following Theresa's progress, please join the blogsite to be notified of new posts.

As I type this, Theresa is resting in a cardiac chair in the ICU's Habilitat for the third consecutive day.  Yesterday, she spent almost five hours outside but didn't get much sunshine due to the overcast skies and showers.  I'm sure she still enjoyed the fresh air blending with her 40% oxygen & water mist but could tell she was a little disappointed by the inability to produce vitamin D.  Today, just after Theresa was wheeled outside, the sun came out to play.  About the same time, a get well card arrived from Theresa's former clinic in Reedsburg, WI, and call it coincidence or providence, the message on the card said "May the sun shine its healing on you, the wind wrap its strength around you, the moon bring quiet rest to you, and the stars fill your spirit with peace."  Even though Theresa kept her eyes closed for most of today's outdoor jaunt, it was plainly evident that around noon when the sun shined on her feet and lower legs, she was basking in the healing energies of God.

Once the sun warmed her up, Theresa's right leg began its left-right swinging motion -- there's a name for this hula move that kind of looks like a rendition of wobbly legs but it eludes me.  To top it off, following an additional half hour of sunbathing, her left foot joined in the dance too, albeit at a slower pace -- just one more sign that Theresa's body is coming back one piece at a time.  As for her spirit, it's a day of rest; no amount of cajoling today will produce any dog & pony tricks.  Other than grudgingly opening her eyes for the neuro evaluation every few hours, Theresa looks like she's in Lalaland.  Her right arm and leg are moving randomly, her eyes are very active but the lids stay closed, and the occasional tear seeps from her right eye.  Shakti's mom, Zora told me on Thanksgiving Day that when the body is producing tears in this manner, it is a sign that the body is vigorously healing itself.  I believe that Theresa is receiving God's healing powers in this way.



P.S.  Today, The Queen's Medical Center held a press conference for the local TV and print media to provide an update on Theresa's condition.  I agreed to this in place of doing separate interviews with each station.  Dr. Caesar Ursic, head of the Trauma Dept., answered the medical questions and I read a prepared statement and took some questions.  A copy of my statement is attached (see next post here).

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