Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update from David

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 2:34 PM

Aloha, Friends & Family,

A big Mahalo to everyone for your continued prayers and support.  In the past week, we have received dozens of cards and e-mails offering blessings and wishes for Theresa's speedy recovery.  In addition to our friends, a fair number of these greetings have come from total strangers who were touched by the articles in the media, or are fans of Colt Brennan but also want to wish us the best.  This outpouring of support really makes a difference for both Theresa and me.  The prayers and positive energy aid in Theresa's healing while it lets me know that we are not alone in spirit or being.  And to the friends nearby that are keeping me healthy with meals, snacks, fruit, bread and water, words are not enough to express my gratitude.  I thank God for sending all of these angels in our time of need.

In the past few days, Theresa's healing continues to follow the small steps plan.  With the major surgeries completed, Theresa's condition is still serious as her flesh and bones begin to heal.  Her respiration has improved to the point where she sometimes breathes spontaneously and possibly could be extubated (off the respirator) in a few days.  Her other vitals are under control, the white count is going down, and her bodily fluid levels are on their way back down to normal.  Last week, Theresa was bloated like Mrs. Pillsbury but this week, she looks more like Oprah on a fat day (no offense intended to either party.)

Theresa's level of consciousness is still like she is in a dream state, opening her eyes to her name or loud sounds, or a touch on her body, but not responding to questions or commands.  I know in my heart that she is with us because sometimes when I hold her hand, she will squeeze my finger when she wants to.  I've also seen her strain to move her entire right arm and leg, like she's trying to turn in her sleep.  To me, this is God's schedule for healing Theresa.  Let her mind and spirit rest while her body receives the healing love of our Heavenly Father.  When the body has healed sufficiently, Theresa will awaken with a renewed spirit and be fully ready for the rehabilitation phase to come.  Please join me in praying for Theresa's continued healing.



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