Wednesday, December 8, 2010

KHON2: Police Release 911 Tape of Crash That Injured Colt Brennan and Two Others

Reported by: Gina Mangieri
Last Update: 12/08 6:37 pm

The efforts of good samaritans who rushed to the aid of Colt Brennan and other victims of last month's Kona car crash are revealed in 911 recordings of emergency calls that day.

The morning of Friday, November 19th, a drive down Queen Kaahumanu Highway in Kona quickly turned for the worst.

Caller: "We have a car flipped over on the freeway over here on Queens Highway, 2 miles north of the airport. People are injured there's a guy down."

Operator: "Someone is pinned under the vehicle?”

Caller: “Pinned under the car, not moving, bleeding from his head."

That someone was Hawaii football star Colt Brennan.

The SUV driven by his girlfriend, Shakti Stream, had crossed the centerline and slammed head on into the sedan that had Kona Dr. Theresa Wang at the wheel.

Caller: "Oh my gosh we can't even see the people in there, it's completely crushed. They're not doing well. It was a head on collision."

Until official first responders could get to the scene, a group of good samaritans rushed to their aid, coached through by the woman on the other end of the 911 call.

Operator: "You reassure him or have someone who is closest to that male under that car -- go tell him people are on the way right now. Go reassure him -- and I need somebody, don't touch him -- don't touch him, what you need to do is stay next to him if it's safe to do so, and reassure him and keep an eye on his level of consciousness and his breathing okay.”

Stream was able to get out herself

Caller: "The driver climbed out of it and is laying down with a blanket over her on the street. She looks okay but just shaken up really bad you know."

Caller: "She's injured, the female passengers left shoulder, somebody is saying is pretty bad.”

Brennan's and Wang's injuries -- each still stuck in their vehicles -- were more extensive.

Operator: "About how far down the embankment did the second vehicle go?”

Caller: “30, about 30 feet."

Caller: "She's strapped in her seat but she's barely hanging on. Don’t move her!"

Caller: "The guy is moaning, the guy in the car, is he alive? The guy’s alive, but he's pinned. He’s trying to get out of the car but he can't."

Before the 911 call ends, another call for encouragement.

Operator: "Just reassure them that help is coming.”

Each was hospitalized after that crash.

Stream released first is recovering in Kona, Brennan on the mainland.

Dr. Wang remains in intensive care at the Queen's Medical Center, and just this week, nodded her head in response to a question and moved her fingers and toes for the first time since the accident.

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