Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update from David

Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2010 11:29 PM

Aloha, Everyone,

Small steps:  that is a good way to describe Theresa's recovery.  As reported previously, Theresa opened her eyes and flexed her fingers two days ago.  Yesterday, she only opened her eyes and didn't move anything else, which led to a downgrade in the prognosis and an order for another MRI.  Overnight, Theresa's ICU nurse pampered her with a shampoo, hair braid (to prevent knotting) and lively conversation which culminated in Theresa nodding her head in agreement, another milestone on this journey.  This morning, Theresa wiggled her toes for the neurologist and thus cleared that hurdle to consent for the neck surgery.  The MRI results came back with more good news.  The brain swelling has subsided (thank you, Lord) and no further damage appears to have occurred, other than a bruise to the spinal cord which may have been there previously but missed on the less precise CT scan.  So neck surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday and once again, I request your prayers for a successful outcome.  God has a plan and timetable for Theresa's recovery and I don't believe He consulted with the surgeons about it.  Let time take its course and all will be well as long as we believe.



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