Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update from David

Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2010 12:51 AM

Aloha, Friends & Family,

This is getting downright spooky.  Over the course of yesterday evening and this morning, three e-mail replies arrived from friends in Wisconsin and each mentions a strong feeling of Theresa being near them or that she was on their mind for much of the day.  The only explanation I have is that Theresa is visiting Wisconsin in spirit.  Now this isn't as far-fetched as it may seem.  Before the accident, we were planning a trip in the new year to see friends in Wisconsin and to return the ashes of our recently departed cat, Timmymao.  As Theresa is sedated and resting comfortably, her spirit may be jumping the gun and taking a trip first.  So if any of you feels Theresa nearby, then maybe she touched you on her spiritual journey.  Anybody with a better explanation, feel free to speak up.

Theresa's sister, Wanda, arrived from Calgary last night.  She will be here for the next week to share watch duties and to assist in my understanding of the medical procedures as Wanda is a critical care nurse at the Foothills Hospital.  She really is a Godsend and the ICU staff already loves her (notwithstanding that she brought them cookies and chocolates.)

In the past 24 hours, Theresa's vital signs have improved to near-normal levels, a positive indicator to be sure.  Other diagnostic tests performed today also agree with the assessment that her brain activity and body responses are in the normal range for someone under heavy sedation.  That she remains unconscious and is unresponsive could be partly due to the sedation or to the swelling of the cerebellum causing pressure against the brain stem.  A series of imaging procedures may be ordered tomorrow to determine if the swelling is subsiding.  I believe our prayers for the last two days were answered as Theresa looks more relaxed today, almost like she is enjoying a deep sleep as the body heals itself in preparation for her spirit's return from its worldly travels.

Thank you for the get-well-soon cards and e-mails that arrived in Theresa's ICU room this week.  The preferable way to send a greeting is by this link:
Theresa Wang is in the Queen Emma Tower, Unit 4C.  Cards may also be sent to:

The Queen's Medical Center
QET - Unit 4C - Theresa Wang
1301 Punchbowl Street
Honolulu, Hawaii  96813

In the interest of fairness to the media, that first interview with the West Hawaii Today newspaper led to three TV interviews, and soon to follow is a write-up in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the largest circulation newspaper in Hawaii.  In addition, will be updating Theresa's condition on a regular basis.  Here is a link to the TV interview for the local FOX affiliate (let's just keep it a secret that I ever appeared on a Fox News telecast:)

Today, I received a message from the hospital communications director that Colt Brennan's father requested to contact me by phone.  Instead, I saw him in the ICU waiting area and introduced myself to Mr. & Mrs. Terry Brennan.  We exchanged greetings and sympathies and it was agreed that what happened was terrible for all involved.  They let me know that they are keeping Theresa and me in their prayers and I mentioned that our prayer group is doing the same for everyone hurt by this incident.  Mr. Brennan appeared especially tired by the events of the past week and I let him know that all is forgiven; that almost brought tears to his eyes.  As a parent who almost lost their child, that is a grief I can partly understand.

Please continue to keep Theresa and everyone hurt by this incident in your prayers.  For those of you in the U.S.A., have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  I know what I am thankful for this year.



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